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 Representing the Needs of Goochland's Second District

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A Lifetime of Service to Prepare to Represent District 2

Neil grew up in Springbrook, Pennsylvania, a place actually very similar to Goochland County.  As a young man, he observed his grandfather who served on the North Pocono School Board for twelve years.  It was watching his grandfather that peaked his interested in serving his community.  "I loved when at dinner he would be on the phone with someone who had a problem.  He always treated them like they were the number one priority even though his dinner would be getting cold.  He never lost a race and his last official duty as a board member was to hand me my high school diploma."


Neil went on from high school to the University of Pittsburgh where he enrolled in political science and took every leadership position he could find.  During his freshman year, he became president of his pledge class and vice president of his residence hall. 


The summer after his freshman year a recession hit and it did not look like Neil was going to be able to get a job that would pay for his tuition, room and board.  Neil saw this as an opportunity to do something he always wanted to do.  He signed up for the United States Marine Corps where he rose to be in the top 5 of his platoon and was nominated for meritorious promotion.  Neil served in the Marine Corps reserves,  received a Meritorious Mast for being an honor graduate of Military Police School, was activated and served in Saudi Arabia for Desert Shield and Desert Storm.


After college Neil moved to Virginia.  He began working for Capital One where he thrived in operations and IT. His position allowed him to travel the country and see much of the world for twenty years.  Two years ago he "retired" from Capital One to help his wife Brennan and her successful Goochland-based advertising company.


Neil is no stranger to serving his community.  He has served on his neighborhood's HOA for 5 terms...2 as president where he worked with other HOA boards and neighbors to bring cable services into the neighborhood.  He has served on the board of Goochland Cares, is a CASA volunteer and he is the current Vice Chair of the Goochland Board of Zoning Appeals.


Neil is also a member of Velocity Church where he serves as the lead of the Velocity Men's Ministry. Neil is also a member of the board of REAP Granada...a ministry in Nicaragua that focuses on community development and the spreading of the Good News of Jesus Christ.

The current Vice Chair of the Goochland Board of Zoning Appeals and a participant of the 2018-2019 Goochland Leadership Enterprise (GLE) Neil has been very involved in the county.

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“Everything that is done in the world is done by hope”

Martin Luther


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