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"A Little Litter Is A Big Mess"

The title of this blog was the slogan my daughter Hope wrote as her entry in a contest for the Bullets in Oilville. She won the contest. They printed her slogan on their takeout bags and she was on the front page of the Gazette. It was a big deal. So why am I recounting one of my daughter's wins in my campaign blog? Because litter is still an issue and I know because someone brought it up to me yesterday.

Last night I reached out to a friend who put up a campaign yard sign for me. I wanted to take it down because now that the mass meeting is over and we have a little time before the election, I think we should. Let's be honest, those signs have potential to litter the county.

After he congratulated me on my win he said..."Only thing I ask of a future supervisor is take action to clean up the roadsides. Too much trash everywhere." There are two things great about this comment. First and foremost, someone brought the issue to my attention. Second, I completely agree and will take this concern on in earnest. I was so happy that David took the time to tell me how I can advocate for him on this issue. Coincidentally, I had just taken some pictures on Whitehall Road about a week before that depicts his concern and demonstrates how real it is in our District.

Without a doubt I will make this issue something I work on...because that's what an advocate does.

This week was huge for me. Even with a speech that was perhaps one of my worst ever, a significant amount of people at the Goochland GOP Mass Meeting believed in me enough to go on to November. Special thanks to Steven Creasey. And thank you to everyone who came out to support me. Now the real work begins...

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