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Nor Rain, Nor Snow....well Nor Rain At Least


Today was an amazing day. Five hours, a high of 43, rain that just would not relent and I can say I am as jazzed about this as I could possibly be. I started knocking on doors at 11:30...about 52 doors to be exact. And while more were out in the awful weather than I would have thought, many did what I would have loved to have been doing which was chilling in their PJs.

The campaign trail was wet today my friends...very wet.

Do you know what was amazing??? So many people opened the door. You know what was even more amazing??? The support I heard from absolutely everyone. After the obvious disappointment that Mr. Alvarez wasn't running (man there are some big shoes to fill), people seemed generally grateful that I was hoping serve Goochland's second district. A few people invited me in...I think almost everyone in my neighborhood has a dog by the way...and I got to talk openly about their concerns.

I was so energized by the genuine support. At least half of the folks sincerely told me they'd love to help in any way they could. You can't imagine how huge that is. I am really, really excited about this challenge.

I spent two hours standing under the awning of Wood's store asking people to sign my petition to get on the ballot. A few wanted nothing of it...a lot said..."I don't know you" and I would reply..."I don't know you either, what do you want to know?" 100% of them signed my petition. Not bad! Many signed. A lot had questions and I got to know more of my neighbors.

This may be one of the best things I've ever done.

PS I could do without all the rain!

After a great but long and cold day heading home with some good Chinese Noodles from Chef Lee.

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