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Signs From Above????

Pastor Rob Yancey apparently speaking to me directly...not really but maybe?

My church...Velocity Christian in the 4th week of a five week series about "Overcoming" ...this week "Overcoming Promotion". To say it hit home is an understatement and a providential reminder of what this is all about. It reminded me that more important than your votes are your prayers, but heck yea I want your votes too. God is in everything I do and while I wish to serve the community of district 2, I answer to an audience of One. Please pray for are what I am petitioning:

-Pray that through this process I will stand true to my principles and not be swayed to take an easy path

-Pray that I have ears to listen to concerns of the people I wish to serve

-Pray that I have the courage to be myself

-Pray for the wisdom that I know I don't possess but can gain from great people around me and for Him to present them to me

-Pray for my opponent

-Pray for my family who is supporting me

-And in everything pray that His will is done and that I would be OK with whatever outcome

Thank you for reading this....Neil

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