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Spoon's Ingredients for a successful term on the Board of Supervisors

I love soup.  Truth be told I love most food but I REALLY love soup.  I could eat soup every day.  I cook a lot of soup and know as with all recipes, but it seems more so with's the ingredients that make or break a good pot. 

So here's what I think makes up a good Supe! See what I did there :) 


-A Great Team: I'm one of five board members. When three of us align we can get things done. I have to say being the newest member to the board I very much appreciated my cohorts. They are not only extremely talented, they care about doing the right thing for the long term benefit of our community. I hope you will help make sure we have a great team serving our amazing county.

-A Great Staff: One of the more interesting realizations I had very early on in my role on the board was that I wasn't a "doer". It was new to me. In my corporate career I was middle management. I was senior enough that I created and drove strategy, but I was also close enough to the front line that I was also able to be part of implementing that strategy. In this role I function as a policy maker and work on prioritizing our staffs workflow. So, if we want to do great things we need a great staff. Myself and my former board member, the late Don Sharpe, worked very hard to find our county administrator Vic Carpenter. Over the last three years we have recruited, hired, and promoted amazing talent in every department. I know we are building a great team of customer centric public sector professionals to serve our deserving citizens.

-A Great Citizenry: Whether eating lunch or in Food Lion, people often come up and ask me what I think about a project. My answer is always the same..."What do you think about it?" We are fortunate to have a really engaged community. It could always be better but it's probably one of the best in the country and I have data to back that up. We have so many citizens that serve on boards and commissions using their God given talents to better our county. We would have to be a much bigger government (not something I can support) if not for those that take time out their busy lives to serve their neighbors.

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